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Over-ewe-sed Ram-blings

| Learning | July 4, 2013

(In my Ancient History class we are looking at a reconstruction of a Roman temple and discussing the Latin written on it.)

Teacher: “Have you noticed they don’t use ‘u’s? They use ‘v’s instead. So whenever you see Latin there won’t be any ‘u’s…probably because they weren’t shepherds.”

(The class laughs and, while one student manages to spot something on the image.)

Student: “Look! In Pont…Pontefix Maximus. They used a ‘u’ there.”

Teacher: “Oh, so they did. There’s always an exception to any rule; I guess that one’s just the black sheep.”

(The class laughs again and when we finally calmed down he had one more thing to say.)

Teacher: “Alright, we can stop talking about that now. I’m feeling pretty sheepish about all the jokes. They were just so ‘baaa’d.”

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