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One Door Closes, And Stays That Way…

, , | Right | January 24, 2018

(I am working in the bar area when a customer tries to get into the bar using the staff-only door.)

Me: “Madam, I am very sorry, but this is the staff-only door. The customer door is the other side of the bar area.”

Customer: “Why can’t I use this door? It’s nearer.”

Me: “As the sign says on the door, this is the staff-only entrance; the customer entrance is the other side.”

(The customer rips the sign off door.)

Customer: “I see no sign! You’re just a lazy b**** who doesn’t want to serve customers!”

Me: “Madam, you still have the sign in your hand. If you could please walk around through the other door, we will be more than happy to serve you. You cannot get through the door, because it’s staff only and locked to customers.”

(The customer throws the sign on the floor and starts hammering her fists against the door.)

Customer: “You can’t refuse me service! I know my rights!”

Me: “Madam, yes, I can, and you have no right to go through the staff-only door.”

Customer: “Your customer service stinks! You’re just a silly little f***** b****, and I’ll be reporting you to your manager!”

(I just laughed. I am the manager. She left without buying anything, much to the delight of my employees and me!)

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