One Carrier’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure

| Working | April 19, 2013

(After getting married, my husband and I have canceled our individual cell phone plans and gotten a joint plan with a third company.)

Rep: “Thank you for calling [Carrier]. How may I assist you?”

Me: “I just got a new plan with your company. When I called to cancel service with [Other Carrier], they told me that it was the first day of the new billing cycle, so I was still responsible for paying that entire month! I can’t afford to pay them $50 plus your bill. This is going to cut into my groceries!”

Rep: “Wow, that’s really poor customer service.”

Me: “Yes, I spent an hour arguing with them. I talked to several supervisors and they’re refusing to void the charges. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m so upset!”

Rep: “Um… with all due respect… what exactly do you want [Carrier] to do?  Your issue is with [Other Carrier].”

Me:  “Honestly? I have no idea what I expect you to do.  I really had no idea when I called.  I guess I just wanted someone to agree with me that [Other Carrier] is treating me unfairly!  Thank you for listening to me!

Rep:  Can I put you on hold for a minute?

Me: “Sure.”

(I’m put on hold. A few minutes later, the rep gets back on the phone.)

Rep: “I just spoke with my supervisor, and [Carrier] has agreed to give you a credit in the amount of your final bill with [Other Carrier] as a thank you for your business. Can you please confirm the exact total?”

Me: “…Really? That’s amazing! Thank you so much—it’s [amount]!”

Rep: “You’ll see a credit for [amount] on your first bill with us. Have I resolved your issue?”

Me: “And then some! Thanks again! You’re awesome, and I’m going to recommend [Carrier] to all my friends!”

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