Not Ever Working, Part 14

, | Working | April 20, 2013

(I have just finished ordering a pita and am next to the till waiting behind a person paying for their order. There is one person making the pitas, and two people by the till.)

Cashier #1: “Well, I’m off for the day.”

(Cashier #1 promptly moves into the back. Cashier #2 has finished handing the customer in front of me their order and is now looking at the food station behind the counter. I wait patiently for Cashier #2’s attention so I can pay for my order.)

Me: “Excuse me.”

(Cashier #2 ignores me and continues moving behind the counter. By now, I have been waiting for at least 10 minutes to pay for my food.)

Me: “Excuse me, can I please pay for my food?”

Cashier #2: “…”

(In desperation, I address the server preparing the food.)

Me: “Excuse me, can I please pay for my food?”

(The server glances at me, and then looks at the cashier.)

Server: “Why haven’t you helped this lady yet?”

Cashier #2: “I am not authorized to handle the till.”

Server: “Move over…”

(The server promptly takes over the till and allows me to pay for my food.  Meanwhile, Cashier #2 still hasn’t moved; she’s staring at a piece of paper I assume to be the schedule.)

Cashier #2: “…Can I go on break?”


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