Not What Jesus Would Do

| Reno, NV, USA | Friendly | April 9, 2017

(I notice an older lady has dropped one of her bags while walking towards the exit and is having trouble bending to pick it up, I rush over to help, and she thanked me and adds:)

Old Lady: “It sure does suck getting old.”

Me: “Well, as Grandma used to say: it sure beats the alternative.”

Old Lady: “Well, she must not have been a very good Christian.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Old Lady: “Yeah, a good Christian would not fear death and the judgment that follows.”

Me: “Umm, she was a trauma nurse in the ER for over thirty years. I’m fairly certain she was referring to the circumstances surrounding so many early deaths and not death itself, but sure, let’s just make judgment calls about her character instead.”

(Seriously, what kind of person’s first reaction to someone being grateful that they didn’t suffer an early death is that they must be morally unsound and fear judgment?)

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