Excused Of Excuses

| Madison, WI, USA | Friendly | April 10, 2017

(I am following a woman out of the store. She is pushing her cart of groceries and talking on her cell-phone at the same time.)

Woman: “Yeah, I’m all finished up here, so we can…” *she stops, right in the middle of the door* “Well, where are you? No… I said five.”

(She takes a step to the side, leaving the entire doorway blocked by her and her cart, except for a small opening on the left side. I decide to just slide past, and I end up bumping her cart slightly when I do so. She looks up sharply.)

Woman: “Excuse me?!”

Me: “You’re excused.”

(I didn’t bother to look back, but I did hear the other people that had been behind me pushing past her cart as well. I don’t care how important your phone call is, you can take two seconds to move yourself out of the way of the door.)

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