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Not An Encouraging Sign

, | Working | January 27, 2014

(I work at a supermarket deli. We have a lot of customers come in who refuse to read the labels and just ask for ‘that one.’ I have an excellent customer service record because I just laugh it off, but my coworkers hate it.)

Customer: “Can I get six of… uh… I’m not sure what it’s called.”

(I can clearly see where he’s pointing, so I decide to have a laugh with him as I grab them.)

Me: “Thin franks, Vienna franks, hot dogs, the long ones…” *I laugh, pointing dramatically at the product* “…or my personal favourite ‘THAT ONE!'”

Customer: *also laughing* “Yes, ‘THAT ONE!'”

(After I weigh it up and he leaves, my coworker turns to glare at me.)

Coworker: “Stop encouraging them!”

Question of the Week

What is the most stupid reason a customer has asked to see your manager?

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