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Needs To Wakey Flakey

, | Working | June 16, 2014

(The manager on duty is a bit flaky and we often have to remind her of things that she is supposed to be doing. One day she talks to a customer at the counter then walks away. Ten minutes later she still hasn’t returned and we start calling for her.)

Me: “Oh, there you are! The counter has been calling you for almost 10 minutes.”

Manager: “Well, you need to tell them to quit yelling because it’s disturbing to the customers!”

Me: “Okay… What do you want me to tell the lady that’s still waiting for you?”

Manager: “What lady?”

Me: “The one on counter? You told her you would be back over 10 minutes ago.”

Manager: “Oh, God! I completely forgot!”

(She quickly gets the customer sorted and then turns back to us with a glare.)

Manager: “Why didn’t anyone say anything to me?!”

Coworker: “Why do you think we were screaming for you?”

(We didn’t get in trouble but she was still blaming us all day.)

Question of the Week

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