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First Place And Out Of Place

| Working | June 17, 2014

(I have a new coworker who has to turn everything into a competition. He also has a condescending attitude towards me because I’m a girl. This is starting to get on my nerves, as we are on the same level and are supposed to be working as a team. We are having a meeting with our boss to go over results from the previous couple weeks.)

Boss: “…and [My Name], your average sales per customer was the highest in [State] market over the last two weeks.”

Me: “It was?”

Boss: “Congratulations!”

Me: “Thank you! ”

Boss: “And-”

Coworker: “—WAIT A MINUTE! Why is mine so low?”

Boss: “Yours was above the average for our market. That’s great!”

Coworker: “When I worked at [Previous Bank] I was always first! How is this calculated?! I don’t understand.”

Me: “But you’re still above the average. That’s good.”

Boss: “Both of your efforts are appreciated!”


(At this point, I’ve had enough.)

Me: “Are you just mad because I beat you?”

Coworker: “No, I’m just used to being first! I should be first!”

Me: “You’re mad because a girl beat you.”

Boss: “OKAY! Let’s move on. [Coworker], if you’re that concerned, go back and see how many sales you had over the last couple weeks and see if you come up with the same number [Sales Manager] did.”

Coworker: *muttering* “I should still be first…”

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