My House, My Overrules

| Related | January 27, 2015

(I am visiting my family. We have an ongoing theme that whenever I get given a choice for what we do, no matter what I pick, my mother will overrule it.)

Mum: “Where do you want to go? We can go to [Town], [Forest], or [Reservoir].”

Me: “Ooh, let’s go to [Reservoir].”

Mum: “All right.”

(We all get in the car. As we’re driving, we pass a shop.)

Mum: “Let’s pick some stuff up here and then go to [Forest].

Sister: “I thought [My Name] picked [Reservoir]?”

Mum: “What? No, we’re going to [Forest].”

(The next day, my mother asks what I want to do)

Mum: “You have three choices: [Museum], [Town], or [Market].”

Me: “I don’t see the point of this. We’re not going to go wherever I pick.”

Mum: “What are you on about? We always listen to you. We went to [Forest] yesterday. Remember?”

Me: “I chose [Reservoir]!”

Mum: “Well, let’s go there today, then. Oh, except it’s going to rain so let’s not.”

Me: “…so, let me know what the choices are again so I can at least pick out what we’re not going to do…”

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