Making You Feel Like A VIP

, , | Working | May 6, 2016

(I’ve been feeling down for a while. I love cold weather and cheering loudly at sports games, so when the forecast calls for freezing rain, I decide to go to the baseball game where I will surely be able to get a seat away from anyone else and yell to my heart’s content. On the way there, I realize that I don’t have much cash, but want to park close to the stadium since I’m by myself. So when I pull up to the parking garage attendant:)

Me: “Hi, do you take credit?”

Attendant: “Yes, but a man a few cars ahead of you had extra passes and gave them to me to hand out. Would you like one?”

Me: “Yes! Thank you so much!”

(I was early, so pulled all the way up to the barricade blocking off the VIP parking area and turned to find a spot when a parking employee saw the pass still in my hand, waved me over, and pulled the barricade aside. When she saw my puzzled expression, she pointed to the pass and said “You’re a VIP!” I happily pulled all the way up and parked directly under the main entrance. I chose an upper level, front row seat away from everyone else and had a fantastic time cheering through the rain and sleet. During the fireworks after the game, it snowed. It was like the universe conspired to make a magical night that I’ll never forget. Thank you, unknown man, for kicking it all off (and saving me $15)!)

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