Making A Hug(e) Difference, Part 2

, , | Hopeless | April 24, 2016

(I had received a call earlier that day that the test results for my dog, that I have had for 18 years, say he is diagnosed with cancer. I have just gotten off the phone with my husband, telling him that I think it was time to put my dog to sleep so he doesn’t suffer, since there’s nothing we can do to cure him. I am sitting in a fast food parking lot and break down sobbing. I hear a knock on my car window.)

Gentleman: “Uh… miss? Are you all right?”

Me: *wiping tears away* “What? Oh, sorry… Yeah. I’ll be fine.”

Gentleman: “What’s wrong? Did someone hurt you?”

Me: “Oh, no. I just got off the phone with my husband. We’ve decided to put my dog to sleep. I’ve had him for 18 years and he’s… he’s just been my best friend for so many years.”

(At this point I start crying again.)

Kid: *from his car* “Is the lady okay, Daddy?!”

(I smile.)

Gentleman: “She’ll be okay, sweetheart.” *he turns back to me* “Would you like a hug?”

Me: “Yeah… Kinda….”

(I got out of the car and he gave me a big hug and told me it will be okay. He let me cry for a few moments and I went over and met his wife and kids sitting in the car, and thanked them for their kindness. I went home feeling a bit stronger and was better able to help my husband through it. Thank you, kind sir.)


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