Losing His Class

| Learning | December 9, 2013

(At my high school, my physical education teacher is known for being somewhat sadistic. He runs his classes long. This always makes us late for math class. We bring this to his attention one day. He says he’ll drop by our math class and smooth things over with our math teacher. True to his word, he comes into our math class the next day.)

Physical Education Teacher: “Hey, [Math Teacher]. Got a minute?”

Math Teacher: “Yeah. What’s going on?”

Physical Education Teacher: “I understand these kids are telling you that my classes run long, making them late for your class.”

Math Teacher: “That’s true.”

Physical Education Teacher: “Yeah. So, I just wanted to let you know that I try to end my class on time so they can get here. But these kids always tell me that they hate your class and that you can go f*** yourself.”

Math Teacher: “What?”

Physical Education Teacher: “Yeah. I don’t know what they’re doing between our classes, but I always let them go on time. You’d better shape up and make your class more fun; then these kids might want to be here!”

(The physical education teacher leaves. We all begin to protest our innocence. The math teacher calms us down.)

Math Teacher: “Don’t worry guys. I know he’s full of s***. He’s just… like that.”

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