The Modern Condition(ing) Of Teaching

| Learning | December 8, 2013

(We’re in class when the bell rings for lunch. Everyone automatically jumps up. After seeing the amused/stern expression on the teacher, everyone slowly sits back down.)

Teacher: “That’s what I love about this school. You know what that’s classified as?”

Classmate: “Pavlova?”

Teacher: “No. Pavlova is what you eat. That was a Pavlovian response: you’ve been trained to do something when you receive stimulus, like that bell.”

(At this point, gesturing to the board, which, from his position, is the same general direction as the door.)

Teacher: “Alright—”

(About half the class gets to their feet again, and then sheepishly start to sit back down.)

Teacher: “Now, this time, don’t go until I say go. And that wasn’t it. I was going to say your homework is to finish today’s research.”

(Everyone waits.)

Teacher: “You can go now.”

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