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Leave Your Baggage At Home

| Working | April 22, 2014

(My sister is going grocery shopping with her husband and their two-year-old son. My sister is 24, but she looks like a teenager.)

Store Employee: “Excuse me, but you can’t have your bag in here. You’ll have to leave it in the manager’s office.”

Sister: “Um, well, I have my computer in my bag, and I don’t know the manager. I’m not going to just leave my stuff with some person I don’t know.”

Store Employee: “Well, you can take out your computer; you just can’t have your bag in here.”

Sister: “…Okay, then.”

(She proceeds to empty the entire contents of the bag, including each diaper separately, and then hands over the empty bag.)

Store Employee: “Uh… that’s okay. You can keep your bag this time.”

Sister: “Yeah, I thought so.”

(At this point, the manager, who had been watching, runs over to apologize.)

Manager: “I’m sorry. I thought you guys were kids.”

Sister’s Husband: “Uh, we have our two-year-old son, like, right here…”

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