Last Week It Was “I Killed Mufasa”

| NY, USA | Working | July 17, 2017

(I am leaving work at the end of my shift and because of a family situation, won’t be seeing a coworker for a few days. We are both 20 years old and I am female. We are also both fans of Marvel films.)

Me: “Dude, let me hug you. I won’t see you for a while.”

Coworker: “Sure.”

(We go in for the hug.)

Me: *whispering in his ear* “Hail Hydra.”

(I then slowly walk backwards out the door doing the most exaggerated villain laugh I could, and we never spoke of it again.)

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  • Gretchen

    …. okay?

  • Clay

    Dear OP,
    You are not as interesting as you think you are.

    • divgradcurl

      Aw. I actually thought this one was funnier than most of the “I once made a pop culture reference” stories. Imagining the over-the-top villain laugh from the surprised co-worker’s point of view made me smile.

      • AR

        The gender of the workers wasn’t relevant. Like at all. But this did make me smile. If someone had done this to me I would have been giggling for days.

  • Hercules Mulligan

    You do realize it’s not actually cool to be the villain…? Especially when the political views hydra represents are making a comeback in the real world.

    • Cipher

      A comeback suggests they went away in the first place.

    • Da Rat Bastid

      1) Try telling that to all of us who, when we saw the original Star Wars trilogy as children, much preferred pretending to be Darth Vader to being that whiner Luke. (My only regret is that I wasn’t physically able to keep up the Vader-breath while talking, as Vader himself did.)
      2) They’re making a comeback for a reason, you know. “For every action, there is an opposing reaction” isn’t only true in a physics lab, ya know. (Before anyone goes there — no, I have never been a national socialist, or non-national socialist, for that matter.)

      3) This is a rhetorical question (if you actually do answer, we’ll be here all year, and moderators will show up from out of the ether to chastise all of us) — when you say “the political views HYDRA represents”, do you mean “This country should dominate all its neighbors to obtain more ‘living space’, while non-white people should never be treated equally to white people, even when we aren’t having them killed” — or do you mean “This country should remind people of the difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration and why it’s bad to allow unlimited amounts of the latter. Separate nations are, and should be, a thing. Also, non-white people should be treated equally to white people, which includes expecting them to handle all the duties, responsibilities, and other drawbacks handled by white people in addition to the rights, privileges, and other perks of white people.”?

      The first is an example of HYDRA’s ideals. The second is not, though many people believe otherwise.

      • Hercules Mulligan

        I love Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Loki, and Snape. I have no problem with fictional villains. The censor wouldn’t allow me to say what I really have a problem with. I hoped saying “what Hydra represents” would be obvious enough. I mean it’s not cool to joke about supporting an actual real life group that advocated for the permanent removal of an entire culture and all its people, even if it’s a fictional representation of that group.

    • Phil Peligroso

      I don’t know about that man. I mean, I haven’t read the comics, but Hives was pretty cool in the MCU. The twins too, even if Quiksilver is dead and Scarlet is not Hydra anymore.

      Also, you do realize it’s just comics and movies? And that it’s possible to like the comics and movies despite the current geopolitical situation?

    • Matilda

      Oh come on Just becuase I like a villian in a FICTIONAL universe becuase I think they are cool, complex and intresting or whatever. Does not mean I suddenly am ok with villians in real life.
      Just because I like Hannibal Lecter does not mean I also think Jeffery Dahmer was a swell guy.

      To use a cliche, you must be real fun at parties.

      • Clay

        Needless to say.

  • Wilhelm Wrobel

    Good thing you’re not a Game of Thrones fan. In Westeros you’ll never see people you hug ever again…

  • TSBJ

    “we never spoke of it again”

    You had such a good thing going. Why did you have to ruin it?

  • Shailyn O’Neill

    Where’s that not always funny site when you need it

    • Cerys Robinson

      It’s hiding behind the fridge because we are not worthy.

  • Mathew


    There, you got the attention you wanted, move along now and stop treating the site like your Facebook profile.

  • Jackie Fauxe

    I really wish they wouldn’t post these “had to be there” stories. The OP usually gets destroyed in the comments which a) probably discourages them–and others–from submitting in the future and b) probably taints for them the memory of something that was genuinely funny at the time.

    Also, could we as commenters please remember that people are taking the time to write up stories for us to read for free? One can comment that they don’t like a story and/or even the OP’s words/actions without attacking the OP personally.

    • Phil Peligroso

      You are very right. And I think I might have been an assh*le a few times. Sorry to OPs I’ve insulted.

    • Taco

      This story wouldve taken about 1 minute and 22 .5 seconds to write and 30 seconds to read, We have wasted about (including op) have wasted 1 minute and 52.2 seconds on a story about how op did a villian luagh. I had a story about how my coworker framed me and my friend for something he did and how we almost got fired (destroyed almost all equipment) but miraculously the coworker left his badge under the broken computer, (the security cameras were usless as the equipment was moved somewhere where there was no cameras, kinda stupid on the managers part) and he destroyed it there, he was fired and put on community service but we were still fired due to budget cuts since they needed to buy all those equipment again. The story i have here made it on the unfiltered section and was never seen, yet a story about how someone made a villian luagh after saying something gets here, I put more work in my story than OP did here. Yet still it wasn’t shown. So of course many people hate these kind of stories when there are stories so much more better than this one but this one gets to be shown in a better area.

    • Taco

      And many sites make stories we can read for free, its called social media, and most of us are stating that this story is boring. And we hope that more people are cowered from making more stories like this.

    • Vyrmis

      The fact that NAR doesn’t pay for their stories means they’ll accept any old tosh.

    • ChocSprinkles

      If only it did discourage them.

      • Dsru Bin

        Well, we don’t see any more Canadian Amusement Park stories, do we?

        • Neil Fairweather


        • ChocSprinkles


    • Ian Rennie

      “Also, could we as commenters please remember that people are taking the time to write up stories for us to read for free?”

      so? If you take the time to write up a bad story all you’ve done is waste everyone’s time.

      I mean, this is more a problem with the editors, who should have some degree of standards, but there’s no obligation to pretend a dull and pointless story isn’t dull and pointless.

      • Jackie Fauxe

        Do you honestly believe they think they’re submitting a bad story? Of course not, so it’s not like they’re intending to waste anyone’s time.

        I don’t have an issue with people posting that they don’t like stories; what’s bothering me is when people attack the OP for daring to submit such a “waste of time”. Like you said, it’s the editors who choose the stories–they’re the ones who should be able to spot the “bad” stories.

        • Ian Rennie

          “Do you honestly believe they think they’re submitting a bad story?”

          I don’t *care* whether someone thinks their mundane exchange is interesting. I’m not going to pretend a bad story isn’t a bad story. If people don’t want the feedback they don’t have to read the comments.

          • Jackie Fauxe

            Again, I’ve been very clear that I have no issue with people commenting on the stories themselves; it’s the personal attacks on the OPs that I’m against.

  • Hawkeye
  • Daniel Gamez

    People need to stop using NAR to post uninteresting anecdotes about themselves in pitiful attempts to brag about how smart or funny they think they are and just let actually good/relevant stories be the only things posted.

  • Vyrmis

    I wonder why.

  • Christine Wood

    Lol My friend did something like that for a while except he didn’t bother with the evil laugh. He’s a Riddler cosplayer so for a few years he would go up to other villains at cons, whisper that is their ears, then slink away to blend in with the crowd. It’s important to have fun sometimes ^-^

  • Tossaway

    I will try that soon.

  • Harvey Skaggs

    You’re not funny, and this isn’t a story that deserved its own page on the internet.

  • Harvey Skaggs

    If you “had to be there”, then it’s pointless to post it.

  • Flami

    I wouldn’t call “a few days” a “I won’t see you for a while” situation. I also wouldn’t hug anyone in that situation, either. Big deal, OP. Nobody cares.

  • Chess Red Eagle

    I would have appreciated that.
    But I am a huge dork so…there you go.

  • Ian Rennie

    “I said something geeky to one of my friends” is not a story. Why do people persist in thinking it is?

  • Acher4

    I really like that. 😀

  • Esidara

    What does the fact you’re 20 and female have to do with anything? The fact you’re both Marvel fans is enough context.