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Laptop Flop

| Learning | June 15, 2016

(I NEVER really thought these stories were true until this happened… I work as a tutor/counselor at a two year college for the below 100 level classes. Because we are also counselors it is also our job to check in on how our students are emotionally.)

Me: “Hey, how is your day going?”

Student: “I am SO upset today! My boyfriend wants to get a laptop for the house so we can do homework… What is he thinking?! I have KIDS!”

(Thinking maybe she is worried about p*rn. I know she has a ten-year-old son, but still… I ask.)

Me: “Well, what are your biggest concerns? Having a computer would help a lot with your online classes.”

Student: “I don’t want my kids getting sick! Those things are full of viruses!”

Me: *stunned silence for a moment, thinking, she can’t be serious; then I made the mistake of attempting to explain* “Well, the viruses are just tech slang for programs that some people try to put on your computer to steal information like credit card numbers. As long as you are careful about what you click on and keep your anti-virus software up to date you wouldn’t have to really worry about that.”

Student: *snatches up her purse with a look of pure horror* “Oh, my God! I’ve had my purse sitting next to the computers all over the school! Who has my credit card number?!”

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