It’s All In The Flawless Delivery

| Working | May 30, 2015

(A local Italian deli our office sometimes gets lunch from does *really* good food, both their sandwiches as well as staples like penne vodka, chicken parm, etc. The only thing nobody likes from there are the delivery drivers, who are always rude and act like it’s the largest inconvenience in the world to even walk in the front doors. However, a new guy shows up today.)

Delivery Guy: “Hey, I’ve got a big order for [Company]?”

Receptionist: “That’s us!”

Delivery Guy: “Cool, where do you want it?”

Receptionist: “Oh, right here’s just fine. We’ll set it up.”

Delivery Guy: *looks around; the reception desk has about enough free space for one tray* “No way, there’s not enough space here! Where are you serving it out?”

Receptionist: “Um… right along that wall, there’s a batch of cubicles under the windows with a big table in the middle? No one from your place EVER offers to take it past here!”

Delivery Guy: “Well, that’s why those guys aren’t driving any more, and I am!”

(He flashed the receptionist a huge smile, actually WINKED, and not only refused help bringing in the six trays of food and multiple bags of bottles of soda, but also got one tray of each kind undone and took the trash out. He was officially crowned by our office Best Delivery Guy Ever and gets a huge tip each time he comes around!)

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