Indecent Proposal, Part 2

| Romantic | August 12, 2014

(I’m a 20-year-old Czech girl. My boyfriend is Italian and 14 years my senior. He is a kind of a mama’s boy which I actually find a bit annoying. We are at home watching football and eating chips.)

Boyfriend: “Hey, my mum thinks we should get married.”

Me: *still watching TV* “Why?”

Boyfriend: “Because I’m old enough to be married and have kids.”

Me: “I’m not old enough to be married and have kids.”

Boyfriend: “… I’ll take that as no.”

Me: “Good.”

(Two minutes later.)

Boyfriend: “That was a proposal. I was serious.”

Me: “Me, too.”

(We broke up four months later, because of cultural differences – his mother wanted me to give up my Master’s degree and have a kid; I wanted him to remember name of the city where I lived.)


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