Her Understanding Is On The Fritz

| Learning | February 5, 2016

(I have a German teacher who doesn’t like foreigners. We have to do a talk about a subject, chosen by us. I take “St. Petersburg,” as it is my birth-town.)

Teacher: “[My Name], earlier you said that the White Nights bring annually many tourists to St. Petersburg. How do you know that? Have you been there at least once?”

Me: “I was born there. I have seen it.”

Teacher: “Pardon me?”

Me: “I was born in St. Petersburg.”

Teacher: “You were born in St. Petersburg?”

Me: “Yes, I was.”

Teacher: “I see. Then how comes you have an odd name? Why aren’t you called Peter, or Pjotr, since you were born in St. Petersburg?”

(Too bad I didn’t have the guts to ask her if her children’s names are Hans, Fritz, or something similar.)

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