He Is An Exponent Of His Own Powers

| Learning | July 22, 2013

(We’re in the middle of a math’s lesson. Our teacher is explaining what the word ‘exponential’ means.)

Teacher: “So, you start off with a number…”

(He writes it on the board in black marker pen.)

Teacher: “…and you have a gap before the next number in the sequence…”

(He writes that on the board as well, a few inches away from the first.)

Teacher: “…and because the sequence grows exponentially, the gap to the NEXT number gets bigger…”

(He writes that on the board, a greater distance away.)

Teacher: “…and bigger…”

(He writes this one on the very edge of the board.)

Teacher: “…And BIGGER…”

(This one he walks several paces and writes it upon the wall!)

Teacher: “…AND BIGGER….”

(He opens the door, walks out into the corridor and around the corner. There’s a brief pause as he writes, and then we hear another, distant, “…AND BIGGER!”, as he continues down the walls. After a few seconds he walks back in, calmly closes the door and addresses the class.)

Teacher: “So, ‘exponential’. The gaps between the numbers keep getting bigger and bigger. See? Easy!”

(The class gawp in stunned silence, not sure as to what they have just witnessed. Apparently oblivious to our confusion, our teacher then goes back to the door, opens it just a crack, and peers through.)

Teacher: “…yeah, I’ll probably get away with that. The last number I was writing was on the window to [another teacher’s] classroom. He thought I was waving at him, and he waved back.”

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