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This Joke Is Still In Utero

| Learning | July 21, 2013

(I’m on a research trip through my school, but my group gets stuck at the airport due to missing a connecting flight. Luckily, one of the professors on the trip has a sister that lives in the area who is kind enough to let us stay at her house while we wait for the next flight out. This particular professor teaches anatomy. Most of us students are downstairs when we hear someone racing down the stairs.)

Professor: “I’m a uterus!”

(The professor has a pink striped bed sheet over her head. We look at her with confused looks on our faces.)

Professor: “I’m a uterus! See this is the endometrium—” *she grabs the sheet* “—these are the fallopian tubes—” *points to her arms* “—and these are the ovaries!” *waves her hands over her head*

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