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Gives New Meaning To Baby-Daddy

| Related | July 2, 2014

(I am a mother of four and expecting my fifth, so by now my children have figured out what it means when I need to go to the hospital. We are visiting family, and my mother takes the children on a day trip. While they’re away my husband starts to feel unwell so I take him to the ER, and we find out he caught a nasty virus. Although I’d much rather stay the night with him, I decide it’s better for the children if I come home and explain directly to them what happened.)

Five-Year-Old: “Where’s Daddy?”

Me: “Daddy wasn’t feeling very well so I took him to the hospital.”

Five-Year-Old: “Why?”

(I take a deep breath, ready to explain in a child-appropriate manner, when the three-year-old interrupts.)

Three-Year-Old: “Is he having a baby?”

(Despite the situation, I laughed. My husband recovered fine, but in such a stressful time for all of us, I was grateful for the laughs my three-year-old gave us!)

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