From Snark And Snot To Parking Lots

| Working | July 11, 2013

(One of my jobs is to call the other hotels around the area and ask their rate and occupancy percentage. Most hotels are nice about it, except for one particular hotel that thinks they are better than all the others.)

Other Hotel: “Hello, thank you for calling. How may I be of service?”

Me: “Hi, this is the hotel down the street. May I ask your rate and occupancy?”

Other Hotel: “NO, you may NOT. That is none of your BUSINESS!”

Me: “Okay, sorry. I’ll put you as full.”

Other Hotel: “Yes, in fact, we ARE full. I’ll bet a sad little hotel like YOURS is empty. Am I right?”

Me: “No, you’re not right. We’re half full in fact.”

Other Hotel: “Half full! I bet your sales department, if you even have one, is so incompetent. And even if by the slimmest chance they’re not, I bet they are doing such a poor job because your hotel has no restaurant, or a bar!”

Me: “Yes we do not have a restaurant or a bar, but I like it better that way. Less drunken, unruly guests.”

Other Hotel: “Hmph! Good day!” *slams phone down*

(It wasn’t just me; my coworkers also begged the sales manager to take them off the list, and she thankfully agreed. A few years later, the same hotel went out of business and turned into a parking lot, while our hotel is still going strong!)

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