No Relief From Other’s Beliefs

| Working | July 12, 2013

(My sister and her fiancé are looking for a hotel near their wedding venue. It’s an interracial marriage and her fiancé has strict morals. They are calling up hotels in the area.)

Sister: “Do you have rooms with single beds for one person?”

Receptionist: “Yes we do.”

Sister: “Thanks. We’re looking for two rooms with a single bed for two nights on these dates. Two adults.”

Receptionist: “That’ll be $100 per room, so $200. Two nights would be $400.”

Sister: “Let me write that down for now; we’re not booking yet.”

Receptionist: “No problem. Anything else?”

Sister: “Yes. Now, we need one room with one double bed for one night on this date. It’s the night right after.”

Receptionist: “The price is $150.”

Sister: “Okay, thanks.”

Receptionist: “Are these the same two guests?

Sister: “Yes, my fiancé and I. We’re getting married.”

Receptionist: “I can help you save money. One room with two single beds rather than separate rooms. That’s $150 per room, so $300 for two nights. You save $100.”

Sister: “I’m afraid that won’t do. My fiancé is from [country] and he has strict morals. It’s inappropriate for men and women to share the same room if they aren’t married, even if separate beds. Therefore, we need separate rooms.”

Receptionist: “Is that what his grandma says? This is not 50 years ago. It’s stupid! Lots of people even have sex before marriage these days. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with different beds in the same room. Tell him to open up!”

Sister: “Everyone has their own opinions. We’d prefer the separate rooms please.”

Receptionist: “No! You need to get him to open up!”

Sister: “Can I talk to your supervisor, please?”

Receptionist: “What for? I’m trying to help you live a modern life and save money. Don’t be such a prude!”

(My sister hangs up, calls again, and fortunately gets a nicer receptionist.)

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