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Forging A New Relationship

| Romantic | August 28, 2012

(I have just signed up for two classes at my local community college. I go to the first class, Blacksmithing. There is one girl in the class other than the teacher’s assistant, so we end up working together. At my next class, Fiction Writing, I see the same girl I worked with a few days earlier and decide to sit at the same table. I am 6’8″, with naturally red hair and a beard, so I’m not exactly a master ninja.)

Me: “Hey!”

Girl: “Hi.”

(She looks at me slightly funny, but doesn’t say much else for a while. After a chunk of time in the class, the girl suddenly looks at me with surprise.)

Girl: “Wait, you were in blacksmithing, weren’t you?”

Me: “Yeah, we worked on the same forge.”

Girl: “Oh! I didn’t recognize you at first.”

(We talk for a while during class and ended up exchanging Skype information to chat outside of class. I get her address, and on Saturday I pick her up and we head to the mall for a couple of hours and then we part ways. The following Sunday, which is also Valentine’s Day, we’re in a group chat on Skype.)

Friend #1: “Happy singles awareness day!”

(After about an hour of them teasing the girl, I get a message from her in a separate window.)

Girl: “Maybe you should hold off on telling your friends about us until the others shut up, lol.”

(It is at this point I realize that I had been asked out by the girl, but had been completely oblivious! We have a good laugh about it, and we have been dating for over two and a half years.)

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