Dating A High Roller

| Romantic | August 29, 2012

(I’ve picked up some of my old knitting. I’ve offered to make my boyfriend a hat, which in turn causes him to want to do something to repay me. I hate him spending money on me, so I suggest spending time together instead.)

Boyfriend: “Do you maybe want to go to a fair?”

Me: “I don’t even know what you’d do at one.”

Boyfriend: “Walk around and look at things? You’ve never been on the rides either, right? They might even have a ferris wheel.”

Me: “I went on a ferris wheel once!”

Boyfriend: “What about something a little more… extreme? Like a roller coaster or something?”

Me: “I went on a roller coaster once. It was traumatic because it was wooden, and the person didn’t let me put on my seat belt before the ride started.”

Boyfriend: “Want to turn that experience into a whole day? I’m thinking like Six Flags or something.”

Me: “…Did you just ask if I wanted to turn a horrifying event into a full day’s event?”

Boyfriend: “…Yeah, I figured I would ask anyway!”

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