Fearsome Of The Foursome

| Working | May 10, 2013

Me: “I’ll have a 16 oz. quad mocha, please.”

Server: “Quad?”

Me: “Yes, four shots, please.”

Server: “But it comes with two.”

Me: “And I’d like four.”

Server: “But it comes with two!”

Me: “I’d like two extra.”

Server: “So, that’s four?”

Me: “Yep.”

Server: “I’ll have to charge more.”

Me: “No worries.”

Server: “So, that’s a 16 oz. mocha with two shots and two shots of espresso.”

(Her phrasing is a bit weird, but I assume she gets it.)

Me: “Yes, thanks.”

Server: “That will be [price].”

(Shortly after…)

Barista: “16 oz. mocha and two shots, [my name]!”

(What do I find? 16 oz. mocha and two, separate shots sitting on the counter…)

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