Peppered With Un-bell-ievable Service

| Working | May 9, 2013

(My mom is allergic to peppers (not black pepper the spice, but actual peppers: jalapeno, bell etc). I am too, but my allergy is mild. As such, I’ve become good at tasting pepper, and serve as a taste tester for Mom.)

My Mom: “Pardon me, but are there peppers in this dish?”

Waitress: “No, ma’am.”

My Mom: “All right, I’d like to order it, then.”

Me: “I’ll have one, too.”

(However, the instant the plate lands on the table, I can faintly smell peppers, but since the others don’t have the same cautions, I think maybe I’m just smelling everyone else’s. But there are also distinctive green chunks chopped into it, and when I take a tiny bite, the taste of bell pepper hits my tongue like a slap to the mouth.)

Me: “Mom, don’t touch it! It’s LOADED!”

(We flag down the waitress and ask to send it back, asking to also have it removed from the bill since it’s completely inedible to both of us.)

Waitress: “But it’s not spicy!”

Me: “Ma’am, that’s not the trouble. We’re not allergic to spiciness.”

Waitress: “But they’re not hot at all. They’re actually sweet.”

Me: “We’re allergic to peppers, as in all peppers.”

Waitress: “Oh, for heavens’ sake! Just pick the pieces out, then!”

Me: “Look, lady: the juices are already cooked into the meat. We can’t eat any of this. Now, please take it back and remove it from our bill.”

(The waitress grabs our plate and stomps off in a huff. A few minutes later, a manager shows up.)

Manager: “Hi folks! I heard that you wanted your plates taken off your bill? Is there any way I can make your experience better for you tonight?”

(I explain my mother’s allergy and my own, and tell him the situation that the waitress had argued with us about. The man goes dead white ¬†and simply gets more pale as the explanation wears on.)

Manager: “I’m… I’m very sorry, folks. This should NEVER have happened. If you like, I can have one of our chefs specially clean his workspace and prepare [another dish] for you”.

(We agreed. The manager saved the evening and fired the waitress on the spot.)

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