Chocolates For The Ages

| Fordingbridge, Hampshire, UK | Friendly | April 11, 2017

(We go on holiday to the same campsite every year and over the years have made friends with some of the other families as we usually all end up there at the same time. The mum of one of the families is celebrating her birthday so we are all having a BBQ. A few small gifts have been bought for the birthday girl.)

Birthday Girl: *opens a rather nice box of chocolates from one of the other families* “Oh, lovely! Thank you so much, [Other Family]!”

Mum of Other Family: “Glad you like them!”

Nine-Year-Old Daughter of Other Family: “Mummy won those in a raffle!”

Birthday Girl: “Oh…”

(She was still very grateful, and enjoyed the chocolates, but bearing in mind we had been at the campsite for a while, how long had they had those chocolates?)

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