Don’t Listen, Just Kiss’em

| Romantic | August 5, 2012

(My husband and I have just recently split due to several reasons—mainly his adultery. A close male friend has gone through the same thing, and decides to play my protector since my other friend has tried to use me and I am highly upset.)

Friend: “Can I kiss you?”

Me: “No, no! Don’t do that! It’ll screw up everything.”

Friend: “What’s that mean?”

Me: “I don’t want to lose my last close guy friend because of this again.”

Friend: “I am going to kiss you.”

Me: “Please don’t.”

Friend: “Look, if you’re going to make that mistake again and fall in love, at least do it with someone who actually cares about you.”

(I melted, he kissed me, and we’re getting married. So happy he didn’t listen to me!)

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