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It’s Not Looking Funny

| Romantic | August 6, 2012

(I’m chatting with my fiancée online after we’ve been apart for a month. She’s coming back in a couple of days.)

Fiancée: “I can’t wait to be entertained by you live.”

Me: “Well, I learned in Psychology that the things that annoy us about our partners after some years of marriage are exactly the things that drew us to them to begin with.”

Fiancée:: “Yeah, I’ve heard that.”

Me: “And you liked my sense of humor. Which is going to get old fast and you’re going to get annoyed every time I make a joke.”

Fiancée: “Maybe.”

Me: “But with you, I only wanted you for your looks, which are going to go anyway. So, I’ll love you forever.”

Fiancée: “Nice…”

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