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Can’t ‘Wiggle’ Out Of That One

| Working | March 1, 2015

(My husband and I work for the same company. We share a fairly uncommon last name – for example, let’s say that it’s ‘Wigglesworth.’ We’ve just gotten back from vacation and are telling our coworkers about it at our coffee break.  One of the coworkers is fairly new. He’s been there for at least a couple of months.)

Husband: “It was great! We got to see [Attraction], and the weather was perfect.”

Me: “We got to see my folks, too, because they live close to [Attraction].”

Fairly New Coworker: “Hold on. YOU went on this trip, too?”

Me: “…Yes?”

Fairly New Coworker: “You travelled together? Wow.” *he’s got a ‘ooh, scandal!’ expression on his face*

Other Coworker: “You do realize that [Husband] and [My Name] are married, right?”

Fairly New Coworker: “What? No! How would I know that?”

Other Coworker: “How about the fact that they’re both named ‘Wigglesworth?'”

Fairly New Coworker: “Well, how was I supposed to figure that out?!”

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