My Request Is On The Table

| Working | March 2, 2015

(I am part of the university’s drama club and participate in all the plays and musicals. It is tradition for the cast to go out to eat at a restaurant each night after a performance and usually we have a big cast. We take a count each night before we start the production to see who will go out to dinner afterwards and then call the restaurant ahead of time to let them know how big a group would be coming. All our dinners are late at night as well, well past 10:30 pm. One night we have a play on April 1, and I was the first one to be done getting dressed in my street clothes, so I went ahead to get our reservation. This happens when I get to the restaurant.)

Hostess: *smiling brightly* “Hello! Welcome to [Restaurant]. Do you have a reservation?”

Me: “Hey there. I’m with [drama club that has 20+ people]. Are our tables ready?”

Hostess: *her smile drops and she has a horrified look on her face* “Ummm… excuse me for one moment…”

(She goes to the back to get someone and I stand at the front of the restaurant feeling very confused. The hostess comes with her manager, both looking worried. After they check a few things on their computer, he turns to me:)

Me: “Is everything okay?”

Manager: “Oh yeah, don’t worry! We have enough tables for your group.”

Me: “So, what was the problem?”

Manager: “Honestly, when we got the call for your reservation we thought it was actually an April’s Fool prank since you had so many people coming so late!”

(I had a good laugh with the employees and when everyone else came we got our usual group of tables. The other cast members had a good laugh at the fake April Fool’s joke we pulled on the poor employees.)

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