By Process of Indiscrimination

| Working | April 25, 2013

(One evening, we arrive home to find out we’ve lost internet access; the same has happened to our neighbors as well. We call support and a tech arrives a few days later.)

Dad: “What caused this? It’s affected more than just our house.”

Tech: “Well, periodically Comcast sends trucks out to check how much static is recorded in the lines. If the static is over a certain amount, they disconnect all the lines and go on to the next area.”

Dad: “They disconnect ALL of them? Why would they do that?”

Tech: “It’s easier and faster to disconnect them all, then wait to see who calls in to complain their service is out. Instead of trying to figure out which lines are live and in use by people still using the service, they just pull the plug on them all.”

(So, next time you’re told your outage must be an internal problem with your modem or wiring, remember this: it could just be lazy companies/employees.)

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