It’s Neny-a Business

| Working | April 26, 2013

(Note: my husband and I are huge Lord of the Rings fans, and as such my engagement ring is one of the rings from the book; my wedding ring is the one ring itself. This happens when a co-worker notices them for the first time.)

Co-worker: “I hate people who pretend to like things so they can look nerdy.”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Co-worker: “You know the one ring is gold, right, not silver? You’re just a stupid fake fangirl trying to get attention. I know so much more about Lord of the Rings than you do!”

Me: “Yes, I know the one ring is gold, in fact my husbands wedding ring is in gold. However, I much prefer the colour silver on my skin. Plus it matches Nenya.”

Co-worker: “Who the f*** is Nenya?”

Me: “The ring of Water… Galadriel’s ring of power. It’s mentioned quite heavily in the books, but is only mentioned in the extended edition of the movie.”

Co-worker: “Whatever, now you’re just making things up.”

(The next day, he comes in first thing in the morning, and this happens.)

Co-worker: “So I looked it up last night. Turns out you were right about Nenya.”

Me: “Thanks, I think you owe me an apology.”

Co-worker: “I owe you nothing. Just cause you can use google doesn’t make you any less fake.”

(Lucky for me, he transferred to another department a month later. That didn’t stop him from calling me “Faker” whenever he needed me, though!)

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