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Show ‘Em Who’s Boss

| Working | April 24, 2013

(I’m in college and have just started working for my dad’s company for a summer job. I’ve been working there about a week when another coworker, a college student, starts work there.)

Coworker: “You have to do the [menial stuff], and I’ll supervise you. I’m in tight with [assistant HR Manager], so you have to do what I say.”

(I ignore him, and continue doing my job. He starts getting mad because I’m not doing his.)

Coworker: “Didn’t you hear me? You have to do my work while I supervise, or else I’ll call [assistant HR Manager] and say that you are lazy. He’ll believe me because we are tight.”

(This goes on for a few more minutes when [assistant HR Manager] comes down to the press area.)

Coworker: “Now you’re in trouble!  I’ll tell him how much you’ve been slacking off, and he’ll fire you!”

(My coworker starts walking to [assistant HR Manager], puts his hand out, and calls him by name. However, the assistant HR manager ignores him and shakes my hand instead.)

Assistant HR Manager: *to me* “How’s work? Are there any problems or anything I can do for you?”

Coworker: *dumbfounded* “What is going on? How do YOU know him?”

Me: “Didn’t you know? My dad is his boss.”

(As soon as he heard this, my coworker shut up, left early, and never came back!)

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