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Asian Persuasion, Part 2

| Related | September 11, 2013

(My family goes to a restaurant that labels itself as Asian cuisine. We step inside the restaurant and are greeted by the only worker out front, and a completely empty restaurant. He hands us some menus and I thank him kindly while we look it over.)

Older Sister: *snotty tone* “I don’t eat Asian food.”

Me: “What do you mean you don’t eat Asian food?”

Older Sister: “I don’t eat Asian food. I have NEVER eaten Asian food! I DON’T EAT ASIAN FOOD!”

(I am thoroughly mortified, as the man who gave us the menus is giving us looks between annoyance and bewilderment as my sister loudly proclaims she has never eaten Asian food. She huffs and shakes her head and crosses her arms whenever we try to get her to be quieter and just look at the menu.)

Me: “That’s enough! Please will you just look at the menu and see if you might find something you’ll like?

Older Sister: *scoffs* “Whatever, I know I won’t find anything I like!” *finally looking at the menu* “Ooh! General Tso’s! I LOVE General Tso’s chicken! I’ll have that!”

Me: “How can you say things like that? You love Chinese food! I know for a fact you’ve eaten plenty of Chinese food!”

Older Sister: “I’ve never heard of ‘Asian Cuisine;’ I thought it was some weird crap! They should have put that they have Chinese food too!”

Me: “You do know China is a part of Asia right?”

Older Sister: “No! I didn’t know that! I thought China was an island!”

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