As Right As Rain

, , , | Working | April 3, 2016

(My mom is working at the local [Big Thrift Store]. It has begun to rain and she has just finished up her shift. She spots an umbrella for sale and takes it up to the register.)

Mom: “I didn’t know it was going to rain. Guess I’m going to need this umbrella.”

Supervisor: “You can’t buy that!”

Mom: “But it’s raining. Why not?”

Supervisor: “Because you work here; you shouldn’t be shopping!”

Mom: “But I just finished my shift and I would like to go home but it’s pouring outside. Can I please just buy the umbrella?”

Supervisor: “No!”

(A customer has noticed this exchange.)

Customer: “I’d like to buy that umbrella, please.”

Supervisor: “Sure! That’ll be [amount].”

(The customer takes the purchase and hands it to my mom, then turns to the supervisor.)

Customer: “You are f****** ridiculous…”

(Thank you, kind man who helped my mom. To the nasty Supervisor: up yours!)

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