An Inappropriate Way To Deal With Inappropriate Boys

| Related | January 29, 2016

(I have just come home at around 10 pm and decide to change into my PJs and chill in the living room with my mom and her wife. My PJs consist of a sleep shirt which shows no cleavage and hits about two inches above the knee and some underwear. One of my step-brothers has developed a crush on me and has done some very inappropriate things towards me as a result.)

Mom: “You need to wear something under that.”

Me: “I’m wearing underwear.”

Mom: “No, what you’re wearing is inappropriate. Your leggings are in the mud room. Go put some on.”

Me: “No, I shouldn’t have to. I wear dresses that are shorter than this, the boys walk around topless, and [Younger Sister] wears shorts much shorter than this.”

Mom: “It’s not summer, so what you’re wearing is inappropriate. The boys are boys and your sister isn’t an adult. You’re giving [Step-Brother] the wrong impression.”

Me: “The house is heated and I’m more comfortable in this. And if he is getting wrong impressions because I’m wearing a sleep shirt then that’s his problem. What I’m wearing should not be considered inappropriate; everything is covered except my knees. If he didn’t have an inappropriate crush on me this would be a non-issue. I shouldn’t have to cover my knees just because of him.”

(The funny thing is she claims to be a feminist, yet I get into more trouble about him having a crush on me than he does. Before I would wear more revealing things and she wouldn’t say anything.)

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