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A Truly Colorful Office

| Working | November 27, 2014

(I have just had a bad meeting and need to vent. I go to my colleague at another department to talk and joke around. Note that this department happens to be a very racially diverse department.)

Me: “Oh, [Colleague]? They are actually French/Indian.”

Colleague #1: *who is Anglo/Indian* “Really? She’s pretty. Maybe I should get with a French man.”

Colleague #2: *who is Filipino* “The Eurasian look is good. But you may need some more Asian first.”

Colleague #3: *who is African* “You know what really goes well with any race? Africans.”

Me: “Oh, that is true. My friend, their parents are African and Malaysian. Best genetics anywhere.”

Colleague #2: “Oh, yeah. I can see that working out.”

Colleague #3: “Well, you know, I can help out there. Just give me a call.”

(There is a short pause in the office.)

Colleague #4: *who is Caucasian* “Wait. What?”

Colleague #3: “Huh… Oh, no! My friends! I was talking about my friends from Africa!”

(Everyone just cracks up laughing.)

Me: “I was about to say, what about [Wife]? Is she in on this?”

(Colleague #3’s phone rings.)

Colleague #3: “Oh, that’s her.” *picks up* “That’s awkward, but I might as well find out.”

Colleague #2: “Gonna tell her that we were just talking about you selling your sperm?”

Me: “Or her ovaries. They will bring in more money.”

(Needless to say, their department was the best to mellow out with given how casual everyone was.)

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