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A New Batch Of Christmas Carols

| Working | December 21, 2016

(I process invoices for my office. Part of that process is submitting completed “batches” of paperwork to an employee at the corporate office, and copying my boss on the email so he knows it’s been done. Once the corporate office employee reviews the batch of invoices, they will “release” the batch for payment, which means the checks will be cut and mailed. After 18 months of sending batches on a weekly basis, I’ve gotten to know the corporate contact well enough that I will usually include silly comments along with the batches, including re-working song lyrics from popular songs. This conversation happened via email:)

Me: “Silent Batch, Holy Batch

All is signed, all is done

Here are invoices and backup

Wholly completed, ready to pay

please releaaaase this baaaaa-aaatch

pleeeeease releaaaase this baaaaaaatch.”

Them: “This has to be your best one yet! However will you follow it up?”

My Boss: “I’d better not see a batch in it’s birthday suit on New Year’s Eve…”

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