A Minor Disagreement

| Working | January 31, 2014

(I’m a cashier at a grocery store. I’ve been scrapping with the photo lab manager, and as such, she’s doing her best to get me fired. One day a regular customer, whom I know to be around 40, comes up to me and asks to buy a pack of cigarettes. The photo lab manager is watching this transaction like a hawk. When I go to the cabinet to get his cigarettes, the photo lab manager pulls me aside.)

Photo Lab Manager: “You’re not going to check him for ID?”

Me: “Nope. He’s a regular. I’ve seen his ID plenty of times. I know he’s legal.”

(I give the man his cigarettes, he pays, and leaves. I then hear the photo lab manager shriek for joy.)

Photo Lab Manager:Aha! I’ve got you now!”

Me: “What?”

Photo Lab Manager: “You just sold cigarettes to a kid!”

Me: “Are you insane? He’s a regular, I know he’s of legal age. And besides, he clearly looks to be around 40 years old.”

Photo Lab Manager: “Quit trying to defend yourself! I’m friends with that boy’s mother, and I know for a FACT that he’s just 14 years old! He has a growth disease that only makes him LOOK 40! Ha ha! I got you now! Not only are you getting fired, you’re going to jail for selling smokes to a kid!”

(She ran off to report me to the store manager. The store manager came down, and, after talking to me and the other cashiers on shift who witnessed everything, was convinced that the man was of legal age and that no wrongdoing took place. Then the photo lab manager got chewed out for just sitting back and hoping people get fired, instead of saving the store by preventing clerks from selling cigarettes to people she knows are minors!)

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