Some Bigotry Just Takes The Cake

| Working | February 1, 2014

(My brother and I are both English by birth and have English accents, but my parents and grandparents are all Welsh and have Welsh accents. We have gone to South Wales to visit the family and are in Swansea Market.)

Me: “Welshcakes! Can we have some, please?”

(Mum goes to order. My brother and I keep chatting away.)

Stallholder: *to person behind us* “What can I get you, love?”

(We assume the stallholder hadn’t seen us, but this happens a few more times and it becomes obvious we are being ignored.)

Mum: “Excuse me. Are we being served?”

(The stallholder blanks us and serves more local Welsh customers.)

Mum: “Are you not serving me because my children have got English accents?”

(Again, no response. Luckily, another Welshcake stallholder is opposite and has seen everything.)

Other Stallholder: *loudly, so everyone can hear* “Come over here, love! I’ll serve you. And my Welshcakes are much better than hers!”

(We go over, and get a couple of free Welshcakes. Other customers who witnessed the situation come to this stall instead. The nice stallholder made a fair bit of money that day!)

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