Trying To Milk The Situation

, | Working | January 30, 2014

(I’m the newest and youngest employee at a fast food restaurant. Because of this the manager seems to think I’m completely incompetent and tends to watch me too carefully and step in when it’s not necessary.)

Me: “Hi there, sir! What would you like today?”

Customer: “Ah yes. Can I please have a medium hot chocolate? And can you make it half milk? It’s just too sweet for me.”

Me: “Of course. That’ll be [price].”

(I go off to make the drink. At this point, my manager is watching me like a hawk.)

Me: “Here you are!”

Customer: “Thanks!”

(Moments later, the man comes back to counter.)

Customer: “Hi, sorry! The milk just made the drink cold. Haha! I guess I didn’t think that through. Could you just add some more hot chocolate into this?”

Me: “Oh, I’ll just make you a new one. Let me just—”

(My manager suddenly appears beside me and interrupts.)

Manager: “Oh, I’m so sorry, sir. She’s new and she just doesn’t know what she’s doing. Would you like anything from the display? A muffin? A donut? Maybe a bagel? I’m so sorry. She’s still learning and—”

Customer: “Woah, there. She did nothing wrong and the drink was completely my fault. She’s doing fine on her own. So, do you mind?”

Manager: “Oh… yes. But of course.” *sulks away*

Me: *trying to hide the biggest smile on my face* “Ah, yes. So, the hot chocolate…”

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