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(I am opening on a pretty slow Sunday. Our particular store opens its doors at 8am for Boarding and Grooming services ONLY. The registers are not functional until 10am when the store opens to the public for sale purposes. We have one register open at the boarding desk to check out customers coming to pick up their dogs early. We also check out grooming invoices as well but we do not have a proper till set up so the only way to scan things is to use a hand scanner. This isn’t a problem for our boarding and grooming services since the bar-codes condense down all services meaning we only have to scan one thing to get everything set. Any items off the shelves must be scanned individually which is why we do not cater to those buying merchandise very often unless necessary. It is about 9am and I am prepping paperwork for our new boarding guests when a very angry man approaches my desk.)
Customer: EXCUSE ME!
Me: Oh hello! Did you have any questions about boarding services we offer?
Customer: Certainly not! I have been waiting at the register for ten minutes and not ONE PERSON has come over to assist me! What kind of customer service is this!
Me: *eyeing his over-flowing cart of various dog items* I do apologize but our registers are not open until 10am since that is when we open. We are not open right now it is only 9am and our cashier doesn’t come in until 10am.
Customer: But you look open! The door was ajar and I saw employees!
Me: The door was open because we just received a late fish delivery and the employees are still setting up for the day.
Customer: Well I don’t care! You need to have it posted somewhere when you are open on Sundays this is ridiculous!
Me: Well we do have a sign on the door with the times posted on it right at eye level.
Customer: Who reads those signs? No one! Now get someone on register!
Me: I am sorry but the registers are closed. I can check out out here on my register but I warn you I only have a hand scanner so this will take a while with all your purchases.
Customer: Well make it quick!
Me: Yes sir.
(I proceed to spend the next ten minutes hand scanning his full cart. He seems to get more agitated as the time moves on. I give him his total and call for a manager to open up our Flea & Tick cabinet which I do not have a key for. The manager says it will take a couple minutes because she is busy transporting live fish. This enrages him even more.)
Me: I am sorry but only floor managers and cashiers have keys.
Me: Actually no I am a Boarding Manager and have no need for a key for the Flea & Tick cabinet since I do not sell it. I have all the keys to my facility but it would be pointless to give me a key I would never use.
(Manager finally shows up and retrieves his Flea & Tick for him before rushing back to her duties.)
Customer: You know you should really get a cashier in here in the morning so it doesn’t take so long!
Me: We do have a cashier coming in when we OPEN at 10am.
Customer: You should have someone come in earlier though!
Me: Right I’ll mention it.
Customer: *happily* Good!
Coworker That Watched The Whole Thing: You just can’t please some people
Me: It’ 9:30am and I need a damn drink…

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