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(I’m visiting my parents for a while. My youngest brother calls me to ask if I want to join him and his girlfriend on a visit to our oldest brother. After having agreed that I need a little more time deciding, the conversation turns to other topics. It’s important to note that my brother mostly calls me when he can’t reach our parents, and that Dad is in the process of installing new flooring in the living room.)

Brother: *as I’m walking downstairs* “Are you home? How’s the floor looking?”

Me: “Yeah, it looks good. Well, obviously; we picked it out.”

Brother: “So no creaking?”

Me: “Don’t think so.” *to Dad* “Hey, Dad, found any creaky spots?”

Dad: “No. Who are you talking to?”

Me: “[Brother].” *to brother* “Nope, no creaking.”

Brother: “Maybe I should come visit soon, check it out for myself.”

(We end the conversation and I sit down next to Mum.)

Mum: “Did we miss his calls? What did he want?”

Me: “No, he actually wanted to talk to me.”

(Cue Mum giving me a surprised/confused face.)

Me: “I do have normal conversations with my brothers now and then, you know.”

Mum: “Yeah, but mostly with the other one.”

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