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Somerset, NJ | Unfiltered | June 10, 2017

Me and my cousin went to a panel hosted by a well known anime voice actor. While we both liked the actor, she liked him a little more. So at some point when he decided answer questions people tweeted him she was over the moon.

It started off innocent enough, but it wasn’t a question. She was basically telling him to look in the back at her and he did. He moved on but she kept tweeting him telling him to look. He read her tweet again but this time didn’t give it as much attention. People in the audience even turned around and looked at her, which wasn’t hard since she also said what she looked like, with annoyed expressions.

At that point I just scooted away from her and, thankfully, he moved onto something else before he read another message by her. I tried explaining to her why that wasn’t okay but she didn’t care. Because of this incident, her constantly asking me for money, and at some point even leaving me to eat by myself while she went out with other friends without inviting me, I don’t bring her to that convention anymore.

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  • Wendigone

    You… Do realize that the man was capable of choosing not to read her non-questions aloud, don’t you?

    • Shouldernubs

      She was being obnoxious so it’s likely he wanted to embarrass her – or he thought if he gave it an acknoladgment, she would stop.

      • Wendigone

        Yes, but that’s on him for wasting time to make an example of someone he could have very easily scrolled past in the Twitter feed after the first message.

        • Shouldernubs

          Thanks for not correcting my spelling lol.

          • Wendigone

            Honestly didn’t even notice. Guess it’s close enough to register under that weird phenomenon where the beginning and ending of a word are all that need to be right for the brain to understand…?

      • Sandy Pham

        I think the first time was out of politeness, he read the request and did it. I don’t know why he read it the second time, probably like you said, to embarrass her.

  • Souless night

    My cousin and I*

  • Sandy Pham

    She sounds just like many crazy fans. Annoying, sure, but not unique. If you’re in any fandom, you’ll know people like that. In fact, you don’t even have to be in the fandom. I can’t count how many time a fan tell me my life isn’t completed just because I’m not interested in/don’t know about whatever they’re fan of.

    ” at some point even leaving me to eat by myself while she went out with other friends without inviting me”…what? And this is one of the reasons you don’t like her anymore? Do you, like, have a life without her?

    ” I don’t bring her to that convention anymore.” Can’t she, like, go by herself? Or with the other friends you mention?

    No wonder you two are related.

  • Stephen Kwong

    Was this at AnimeNEXT?! Cause that, I probably see, but I wonder who was the actor.

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