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Unfiltered | May 29, 2017

I work 3rd shift at a local grocery store and pharmacy that also carries stuff like office supplies and liquor, the latter of which is quite popular during my shift. I’m responsible for stocking the shelves and performing general tasks around the store at night, as we’re open 24/7. This includes answering the phone:

Me: Thank you for calling [store]. This is [name] speaking. How may I help you this evening?

Caller: Hi, do you do deliveries?

Me: that depends on what you want delivered. We typically only deliver prescriptions, and that’s only done during [pharmacy hours].

Customer: Do you deliver beer? I really want some beer but I know I’ve drank too much to drive there so I was hoping you guys could just, you know, bring me some.

Me: I’m sorry, but That’s really now something we can do at time of night.

Customer: Alright, sorry to bother you about it. Thanks.

None of my coworkers believe this call happened.