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Unfiltered | May 30, 2017

me and my bf are on vacation in scotland. We’re walking around town, talking about random stuff. The subject comes to misheard lyrics. Like when you misunderstand a song lyric for something funny or random. We’re near the cottage that we rent and see the owner walking his dog. note that we’re speaking Dutch, except when quoting a lyric, so i think things can be put out of context very quickly.

me: “singing song as misheard lyric.”” See the chainsaw in my cat. A butt-bee came out of this man!”

The cottage owner turns his gaze towards us, stunned and wtf’ed. He quickly turnes round the corner and my bf starts giggling.

bf: “I think he heard you and now he thinks you’re a psychomaniac.”

Fast foward a few years later, bf and me are at a concert of the band where i quoted the misheard lyric from. The song comes on and i hear a guy behind me singing on the top of his lungs: “see the chainsaw in my cat”
me and bf both stare at each other.

me: “how the F*** did he know that part??

He just shrugs and laughs. Really, that misheard lyric version is so unkown, i’m still surprised anyone even remembered it!